Notary Public For Businesses

Mrs Dhariwal Notary Public has extensive experience in corporate / commercial Notary Public requirements. She has a wide corporate client base (see Testimonials) and is able to act expeditiously and swiftly to deal with all matters including time-critical international documents.

Types of Documents commonly notarised for corporate and commercial clients:

  • Notarisation of the execution of Company / Corporate Powers of Attorney – the completion of formalities for various jurisdictions requires knowledge of the legal requirements for execution. Mrs Dhariwal is familiar with the Companies Act 2006 and will advise accordingly to ensure execution is valid.
  • Providing Notarisation of Certificates of Incorporation or Articles of Association for UK or Foreign Companies – please note that we will require copies of foreign company incorporation documents where foreign companies are involved
  • Notarised Certificates of Good Standing – from the Companies Registration office for England & Wales (Companies House)
  • Certification of Identity of Directors, Secretaries and other Company Officers – this can be required for many overseas (or UK) organisations to set up a branch or for EU tenders, for example
  • Notarising the execution of Commercial Contracts for International Use
  • Authenticating Documents to assist in the opening of Corporate Branch offices or Bank Accounts in or outside of the United Kingdom
  • Notarising Commercial Mortgages for International Finance
  • Authenticating the parties to UK and International Music Contracts
  • Providing Certificates to authenticate Intellectual Property Rights in Music, the Performing Arts and / or Television Rights
  • Notarising Statements in Support of Copyright Infringements Worldwide
  • Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports and other Company Documents
  • Commissioners for Oaths Services – Mrs Dhariwal is authorised to administer Oaths and to take Declarations
  • Affidavits / Statutory Declarations – drafting and execution

For further information about any of our Notary Public areas or to find out how we may be able to help you, please contact us on 01628 617623 including weekends or evenings or click here to make an enquiry.