Company & Home Visits


COMPANY VISITS: Directors and other company officers often prefer meetings to take place at their company’s offices due to their commitments. Mrs Dhariwal Notary Public is well aware of this and regularly attends company offices to carry out the required notarisation. If you require the Notary Public to carry out the notarisation on site then we will be happy to accommodate this.

HOME VISITS: Mrs Dhariwal understands that in some instances due to lack of mobility or in similar circumstances it may be difficult for clients to attend the office. The Notary Public will be happy to accommodate home visits in such situations. Please advise the Notary Public if a home visit is required.

For further information about any of our Notary Public areas or to find out how we may be able to help you, please contact us on 01628 617623 including weekends or evenings or click here to make an enquiry.