Notary Public For Individuals

Mrs Dhariwal Notary Public undertakes a vast and varied amount of work for private individuals (see Testimonials). Please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements. The Notary Public will deal with your matter as efficiently as possible and is more than aware that you will often be under time constraints and may need to get your papers notarised as a matter of urgency.

Mrs Dhariwal Notary Public is also able to accommodate people who have difficulty expressing themselves confidently in English. Mrs Dhariwal speaks Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu as well as French. She has on site Polish speakers and where appropriate can organise translators and translations.

Common types of Notarisation that Mrs Dhariwal Notary Public undertakes for individuals:

  • Powers of Attorney for worldwide use (Mrs Dhariwal can also draft Powers of Attorney if required depending on the destination country)
  • Bank Instruction Letters
  • Statutory Declarations with supporting evidence for Marriage abroad.
  • International Affidavits, Sworn Statements, and Depositions
  • Notarising Private Agreements for Worldwide use, including use in the UK.
  • Certified Translations
  • Copyright documentation for worldwide use
  • Property Documents for worldwide use
  • Fingerprinting confirmation
  • Lottery Conduct Notarisations
  • Education Certificates for Worldwide Use
  • Doctors and Dentists Examination Submission
  • Lost Passports & Birth Certificates
  • Change of Name deed preparation and Notarisation
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Certified Copy Documents
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Permission for Children to Travel with a lone Parent
  • Retirement Life Certificates
  • Certificates as to Loss of Credit Cards
  • Tax Declarations
  • Adoption Papers and Verifications
  • University Certificate and School Qualification Verifications
  • Certificates as to Residency
  • Immigration Invitation Support Forms
  • Overseas Car Purchases or Sales Documentation
  • Passport Photos and True Likeness Certificates

For further information about any of our Notary Public areas or to find out how we may be able to help you, please contact us on 01628 617623 including weekends or evenings or click here to make an enquiry.